Urban agriculture

Visual identity and design and development of the website for the project URBAG Integrated System Analysis of Urban Vegetation and Agriculture. The project aims to establish in how far green infrastructure can be a source of sustainable nutrition, reduce environmental impact and promote a more efficient use of resources in urban environments. The logotype derives from the acronym of the words urban and agriculture – “URB” and “AG” – and represents urban agriculture and the changes it is going through these days. How can vegetation and agriculture integrate with asphalt and concrete and help making our cities more sustainable and more resistant to climate change.

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In the design of the bag we played a word game with the letters of the acronym, creating a double understanding of the message. On the one hand, the name of the project is URBAG, on the other “UR BAG” is colloquial English for “your bag”.

The website is dedicated to presenting and disseminating the project URBAG to the scientific community in general, but is also directed at postdoctoral trainees and doctoral and master students who want to receive information about the implementation of the project or who want to form part of its team of investigators.