Rubí s’ho val

Campaign to reactivate local commerce

Design and development of the campaign “Rubí s’ho val” (Rubí is worth it”) for the Council of Rubí. This municipal initiative arose in light of the urgent need to promote and reactivate local commerce, through the creation of consumption tokens for special discounts of which the residents of Rubí can benefit if they do their Christmas shopping in the stores that have joined the campaign. These tokens can be acquired via the digital platform To develop the claim and underscore the campaign’s message, we have chosen to play a pun with the concept “val”. On the one hand, it refers to the discount tokens, on the other it empowers the idea that doing your shopping in Rubí, your town, is worthwhile.

Public administration | Campaign

As in developing the claim, to visually strengthen the campaign message we have created a symbol which merges the image of a token or ticket with the capital “R” of Rubí. The result of this “acronym” is a potent visual call. Apart from attracting the attention of residents, it defines the essence of the campaign by reinforcing the slogan “Rubí s’ho val”.