Amazing products from amazing places

Creation of visual identity, development of brand architecture and webpage of Nohsuz, a company with longstanding experience in food distribution, gastronomy and nutrition that distributes groceries and natural ingredients of the highest quality, found in uncommon places where no other food distributor dares to venture. Committed to sustainable development and a healthy lifestyle, Nohsuz supports local economies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East by connecting them to the global network, and as such offering small food companies the chance to sell their products in the larger American and European markets.

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The logotype we created reflects Noshuz’ business model, the essence of its activity. The organic approach symbolises the process of manufacturing of its products. From cultivation through harvest and processing to final distribution. The symbol “N” incorporates a sprout, a plant that has grown from the earth (the origin). Its diagonals are a metaphor for the logistics of transport and distribution, connecting the countries where the products originate from with the global network (the destination).

The webpage of Nohsuz is divided in two distinct sections, ingredients and foods. The former is directed at wholesale and includes, apart form product description, corporate information about the company. The latter is the Nohsuz Foods Shop, an e-commerce activity directed at retail, offering the visitor the possibility to make online purchases which can then be either collected at a distribution point or delivered at home.