A high project

Design and development of the visual identity and website of ANV alta neteja de vidres, a company specialising in rope access work and solutions for projects on difficult to access buildings and locations. ANV has a long professional track record in the rope access field. It was their love for mountain climbing which led them to take up a job in the maintenance of skyscraper façades in the United States. The experience and techniques acquired with the highest buildings in the world form the basis of their specialism and life philosophy.

Identity | Web

With our web design we wanted the visitor to experience in some way what it means to jump from the top of a building and be suspended in the air, hanging from a rope, just like Àlex and his team do every time they confront another assignment. To achieve this, we gave the visual elements of the site a Parallax effect, where the elements emerge and move in a vertical projection and from one side to the other, creating an illusion of realism, depth and three-dimensionality. The ideal way of explaining to the visitor the kind of work ANV does and the techniques they use to carry it through.