Mental health is at stake

Let's win the game

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona dedicates the 2023-2024 academic year to mental health and entrusts us with the creation of the creative concept, the slogan, and the development of an awareness campaign with the main goal of destigmatizing mental health issues and helping people within the university and beyond gain tools for recovery and improved quality of life.

To capture the interest of young and not-so-young individuals and the university community at large, we use the aesthetics of Pac-Man, the iconic 1980s arcade video game, popularly known as the ‘Pac-Man.’ Our aim was to create an analogy between the game’s objective of eating all the dots and the struggle against a mental health issue, aiming to empower those who experience it to confront their fears and ghosts, ultimately defeating them and winning the game.

Higher education

The pieces created for the promotion of the campaign will be located throughout the university campus on banners, flags, and merchandise, which will be distributed during the various participatory activities that will take place throughout the academic year 2023-2024.

We partially modified the UAB’s corporate typography, customizing it for the campaign by replacing some letters in the claim with those from 1980s Arcade video games.

Mental health issues are a part of our lives and just another aspect of a person, not something that should override the rest of our abilities. In recent years, especially since the COVID pandemic, as numerous studies have shown and reported, mental health problems affecting the population have increased.