Uniting communication and technology

Creation of the visual image and design of the signage and communication materials needed for the dissemination of the project COMTEC, initiated by the Communication Sciences Faculty of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, under the motto “Where communication meets technology”. The project aims to stimulate knowledge and digital talent in the sphere of communication. The vertical lines which shape the logotype and iconography and all other visual elements used in the campaign, are inspired by the LED screens of electronic devices. They represent the exact moment when communication (COM) and technology (TEC) meet. Technological innovation and the word unite and complement each other in their service to communication.

Graphics | Higher education | Identity

The COMTEC corner is situated at the entrance of the Communication Sciences Faculty of the UAB. Apart from being a dissemination element of the initiative directed at Communication students, the installation also serves as a meeting and reference point for visitors of the faculty and can be used for photo calls at events and activities related with the project.